Gloss Stretch Ceilings

A great option for visual expansion of space.

Glossy ceilings are a bold choice for anyone who fancies shiny elements in interior design and wants to make the room look larger.

Key advantages:

  • Due to glossy ceilings, even the smallest space will usually seem to be two times larger;
  • Glossy stretch ceilings produce the reflection effect: the room becomes airy and lightweight;
  • Such ceilings signify a bold designer move and guarantee the implementation of a bright and/or daring idea of interior design;
  • The colour palette of glossy ceilings includes a wide variety of colours – from classical white or deep black to a wide range of colour combinations.
  • The same reflection effect allows to experiment with lighting and use glossy surface as a canvas for various lighting solutions. For the people who prefer unconventional lighting, glossy ceilings are a real catch because they provide plenty of opportunities for experimentation.

Matte Stretch Ceilings

When the room is decorated in classical style, matte stretch ceilings are one of the most suitable options to choose.

Such ceilings look as if they have been plastered scrupulously.

However, it takes much more time and effort to plaster ceilings.

Traditional ceiling finishing (plastering) has never been easy to accomplish, and it is always accompanied by considerable consumption of construction materials.

It would even take less than one full working day, and the room will be ready. At the same time, the service life of such ceilings is extensive and they do not require any enhancement or adaptation, which is typical of plastered surfaces. There is no need to get rid of cracks or stop sifting.

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